Born on April 2. Is it a simple coincidence? Adina let David ”steal her soul”, with a camera, one of the things she was so afraid of when she was a child.

Adina was raised in a particular sensorial world, full of audio tales. She was afraid of some sounds and also of many technical things, including her sister’s camera.

Her interest in radio theatre brought about the passion for theatre, matching words and profound behavioural analysis.

Adina thought that she is important because her passions filled up all her time. Yet as she confessed, all of these never “brought her love”.

When Adina was 17, she found out about Asperger, but she decided to throw it away in her soul and to forget about it. Later she became more and more interested about it.

She connected on different media channels with other Aspie persons. That’s when she realised that some of her Aspie augmented features may actually be in her advantage.

She understood that the particular feelings that make her different from the neurotypical persons turn her into a special being. Fear of everything surrounded her turned into an avid curiosity about people.

Eventually she studied psychology.

Her academic curriculum allowed her to understand what’s going on with her and to organise her life. This way she could move on, keeping her own life direction.

We met her when she was volunteering for TedX Eroilor, in Cluj. She immediately got connected with us and allowed David to take photos of her first time when she got to Bucharest for a drama show.

Adina loves theatre and writes chronicles on> She also writes her #jurnaldeasperger, a collection of incredible touching stories about her Aspie life.

She managed to overcame may fears, starting with phonecalls and public speaking. She is a member of Toastmasters community and she vlogs on Youtube:

She likes to create written or video content and she would love to work with creative and PR agencies.