Autumn has arrived in Baneasa Forest. The leaves are falling from the trees, rotating in an never ending spiral, as if they were announcing the end of the summer. For the first time in this project we feel a strong connection between the photographer and the subject. Maria and Jean-Marc, Tobias’s parents are amazed that Tobias was smiling so much when David took his photograph. Although he is usually restrained in his gestures and actions, Tobias felt that he was, for a little while, the centre of his world. 

Usually, parents of atypical children should pay special attention to them in situations that are otherwise normal for other children. At the restaurant some are impatient, at any meeting one of the parents usually takes care of the little one.

Well, Maria, Tobias’s mother, had the idea to give him a pencil and sheets of paper. And Tobias was happiest at that moment, stepping into a world where he decides what and how it happens.
From simple scribbles, Tobias moved on to drawings typical of his age, later approaching topics such as the history of England.

Drawings with Michael Jackson, rulers and kings

By the way, I recommend you to access his Instagram profile, ( where he happily counts every like and follow.
You will find on Tobias’s Instagram account many drawings with Michael Jackson, rulers and kings, cartoon characters, all with a personal touch, serious for his age, but keeping the innocence of a 12-year-old child.

Tobias draws predominantly on paper, but has also begun to use the tablet and graphic design programs. Tobias diversified his drawings, with anime works and more recently the manga style.

Many times, due to medical constraints, Tobias cannot carry out his activity as he would like. That is why he reacts exuberantly when he reads about things he can’t do. He flipped through a photo album from an expedition to South America and hung on every word from David as he talked about the wonderful places photographed in that album.

Tobias already speaks English and Flemish and is studying French and Spanish.

We didn’t see Tobias being sad. He may not have smiled all the time, but he certainly wasn’t blue. Maria and Jean-Marc and Matthias’ brother constantly support Tobias and encourage him to follow his passions. Tobias is a great kid, he studies at an international school, he already speaks English and Flemish and he studies French and Spanish. I am convinced that, in the not too distant future, Tobias will use his passion for drawing as a tool for any profession he wants. I already know that I will ask him to help us when we need sketches or drawings. In fact, he even sent us his proposals for the logo of this project.