Radu was watching with wonder at the vinyl disc I was about to play. He became more attentive as the first chords from Rattle That Lock came out from the speakers. During our conversation, he interrupted a few times to listen to a specific chord. When the turntable got to In Any Tongue, he looked at me with a smile and said, “This is the song you like!” He was right, I had told him the first time we met.

You cannot write a story about autism in Romania without including Radu in it. Radu Nedescu, 21 years old, is now a responsible adult studying philosophy at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

16 years ago it was a different story

The life of Radu and his parents changed suddenly when they suspected something was wrong and later they learned that Radu had autism. Autism that had no therapy or treatment in Romania. Doctors warned them that such a child should be admitted to a mental health hospital, because any effort from the family could not change his condition.

Then what followed is probably the most amazing adventure of recovery by a child with autism spectrum disorders in Romania. Undoubtedly, Radu is the first child in Romania who has benefited from ABA therapy and has advanced amazingly as a result.

Radu’s parents set up a centre of excellence for the recovery of children with autism.

His parents, Cristina and Damian, gave up their professions and devoted themselves entirely to Radu’s recovery. Moreover, after seeing that the treatment had an effect on Radu, they used their experience to help other children, establishing a centre of excellence for the recovery of children with autism.

I didn’t get a chance to meet Radu until this year, but the news about him has given us a lifeline through which we hope we can get David over the wall.

A man ahead of his time

Radu is like the other children and young people affected by ASD, a man ahead of time. Radu synthesizes ideas extremely well, the philosophy studies perfectly matching him. He is subtle but also profound and does not take long to express his ideas. Frankly and seriously, when he talks to us, he feels like a teacher talking to his students.

Radu has written poetry for a long time, from the position of a young man who has discovered poetry as a wonderful way of expressing himself. Now Radu composes poems whenever he can, even before we met, he wrote a few verses on the subway.

He once wrote these lyrics:

Poems by Radu Nedescu


The penguin levitates on his belly,

His body forms a crescent.


He is a straight line with eyes.

Routine is his blood… his essence.


Vama Veche 

The beach breaths embarrassed… the clouds sculpt the soil.

The kid sings the strings which link the stars together…

The notes are lost in the sea foam.

The sky is a black plain between us and the sun.



Inhaling and exhaling autism each second.

Fluid rigidity tailors my mental and physical body.

I am neither a bird nor a non-bird, I am Spheniscus.



I stay in a lightbulb and touch it with the little finger… I enlightened myself.



Stepping slowly in the workshop, I write on a laptop.

I carve phrases until they gain weight… the stanzas are real. I am just a work of art.