On the sheet of paper with an atypical format, very long and not wide, there is an orderly branch of streets drawn. I can see Salt Lake, the tram line to the city and I guess the location of the zoo. “This is the Viziru neighborhood, Buzău road and somewhere here on the right you have to draw three blocks perpendicular to the road. It’s the D’s. “

Beside me, Silviu exclaims more than happily: “That’s right, how do you know?” I was very happy with his joy and I told him that I was born in Brăila and that I traveled, by bike or on foot, most of the streets he designed.

The first exhibition

I met Silviu at the British Council in Bucharest, where he participated with David in Diversity Week. There he exhibited detailed sketches of our hometown, Brăila. That’s where I found out his story.

In a world ruled by restrictions, Silviu’s school evolution has seen ups and downs, obviously influenced by people who have supported him and his family’s struggle. With a lot of work and dedication, Silviu graduated from high school, successfully passing the baccalaureate exam. Moreover, he finished a post-secondary school where he prepared for the profession of optometrist.

Silviu has an extraordinary visual memory and a special skill in technical drawing, either on paper or using computer-aided design programs. He also makes 3D renderings for his beloved projects.

Silviu does not practice his profession and unfortunately he has not yet found a job where he can use his main passion, drawing. Silviu masters the technical drawing and makes incredible overall plans and urbanism, bringing useful improvements to the existing solutions on the ground.

We gathered here some of his architectural sketches, a field in which he could work as a draftsman with little support. Silviu is an intelligent young man, who can get integrated into a team that stimulates him and highlights his skills.