Ingrid is still floating in a world of childhood, surrounded by the love of her parents Hajni and Vlaicu and her sister Emma. When you manage to look into her eyes, you immerse yourself in a world of colours, unicorns and pink ponies, animated by a sincere joy where sadness does not seem to fit in.

We met Ingrid, Hajni, Emma and Vlaicu three years ago. From then on, we’ve never stopped being surprised by the joy present in the eyes of these wonderful people. Hajni and Vlaicu found inside them an unsuspected strength that helped them share the love to their two daughters Emma and Ingrid.

An overflowing optimism

Every time we met them we felt that special connection and we were instantly accepted into their world. Ingrid inherits this overflowing optimism from her parents and tries with all her heart to get over the wall that separates her from our world.

Ingrid performed for the first time in a photo session for H&M, joined by David, in order to mark the International Autism Awareness Day, on April 2. This event was hosted last year, in March, by our friend Eduard Enache.

She was happy, as only a child is, when she noticed a special coloured dress.

We took part on the photo session and were amazed how Ingrid easily and naturally responded to Eduard’s indication as if she’d been modelling all of her life. She patiently changed her suits and she was extremely happy when she discovered a vivid coloured dress. Here is the complete article written by Eduard about the photo session.

Always smiling

Ingrid understood that David was going to take some pictures of her and they spent a few hours together in which David managed to capture images that transparently express her inner state: smiles, wonders and so much  warmth.

When she was not painting the clay figurines made by her parents, Ingrid walked through the park where we had met, sharing smiles with those around her.

The portraits captured by David, but also the photos taken at the modelling session convinced us that Ingrid can be involved in these activities, which she does with great pleasure and talent.

Another year has passed … (August 2020)

We happened to see Ingrid and her family at the Black Sea Coast by chance.

The photos that David took on this occasion, almost a year after the first photo shoot, capture Ingrid extremely happy in the water. Ingrid is in love with water and uses every opportunity to enjoy the freedom offered by a pool or the sea. Her connection with water is obvious and when it is in the water time no longer exists.

Last year Ingrid gained more self-confidence, being much more independent and autonomous. She is very careful with her things and very serious when she receives a task from her parents. The fact that David took pictures of her again made her very happy and she smiled at him in almost every frame.

We spent two wonderful days with Ingrid and her family!