We have been acquainted for a couple of hours. We were having lunch at a restaurant in Bistrița, when Edy, after being very attentive to David exclaimed: ”Man, this guy is just like me!”

We met Edy in Bistrița, along with his mother, Ana. His sister Alexa is studying in Bucharest. Ana left her job as a journalist when she found out that Edy had autism. She is now managing a well known NGO, involved in autism, named ”Little Prince”.
Edy accepted us immediately and got along very well with David. After playing some pieces on piano, Edy showed David pictures from his travels.


In front of the piano, Edy’s happiness is combined with incredible seriousness. The transformation is visible and confirms that music played a special role in Edy’s evolution.

Edy is a very cheerful young man, with obvious artistic inclinations towards music and particularly towards the piano.
He studies piano at the music high school in Bistrita.
If in the beginning music meant therapy for Eduard, now it is an important part of his life.

Edy struggled a lot to get to music high school and because of his talent, he performed at several concerts and music competitions.

He recently discovered that he loves to dive and last year he made his first dives in the Red Sea, where he really wants to return this year.

We walked together through the center of Bistrita, where Edy was our guide, carefully presenting the main tourist attractions.
We didn’t miss the french fries pizza, a premiere for David, a passion for Edy.

A simple internet search will return many movies with Edy singing. He performs wonderfully, with patience and passion.
It’s worth seeing and especially listening to. I am convinced that in the near future we will see his name more and more on the posters of classical music concerts.
And if you organize a concert, we recommend that you invite Edy to delight you with his favorite songs.